Distributed Systems
  Portable Systems
  19" Systems
  Robust Systems
  Specific Solutions

Burster Products include

  Load cells
  Displacement sensors
  Torque sensor
  Dynamic Pressure    Transmitters
  Press Fit solution    Equipments
  High Accuracy Calibration    Equipments

Measurement and Test Automation

Demanding solutions for industrial and experimental instrumentation for test benches and for test automation in the areas of:

  • Component testing
  • Engine testing
  • Process monitoring
  • Long-term monitoring

Precise capture of electrical, mechanical and thermal values, rapid and flexible conditioning and transfer of signals over highly varying media, such as field buses and Ethernet-based standards, distinguish our product lines, whether compact 19" equipment with distributed arrangement or rugged design.


Burster   --The Mesurement Solution.

Burster is specialized in offering solutions for measurement and sensor applications throughout the world. Burster is an ISO 9001 certified since 1995, Company with DKD (German Calibration Service) calibration facility for all the sensors.


Fast, precise, versatile - the next generation of process monitoring. The new DIGIFORCE® 9307 offers new applications, new evaluation elements, innovative menu tools and it works as unfailing as ever before.

The new Precision Torque Sensor 8661 serves with a high linearity, an intelligent operating state display and an excellent price performance ratio.


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